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Modern Slavery Policy

Modern slavery can exist in unexpected places, and the cleaning and maintenance industry is no exception. ClickRocket365 takes a firm stance against all forms of slavery and human trafficking. This policy applies to all our activities, from on-site cleaning to online content creation.

Our Supply Chain and Our People

We thoroughly vet both our employees and suppliers to ensure they share our commitment to ethical practices. Currently, all our operations are based in the US.

Policies We Uphold

Our People & Culture department, under the leadership of Richard Wilson, develops policies that reflect ClickRocket365's core values. These policies are ultimately approved by our CEO, Richard Wilson.

Here are some key policies that guide our fight against modern slavery:

  • Speaking Up: Our Whistleblowing Policy - We encourage everyone – employees, clients, and partners – to report any concerns about potential slavery or trafficking in our operations or supply chains. Concerns can be reported to a supervisor, a member of the People & Culture team, or anonymously through our whistleblowing hotline.
  • Setting Standards: Employee Handbook and Onboarding - Our employee handbook outlines the ethical conduct expected from all team members, including those working overseas or interacting with suppliers. New employees are trained to recognize signs of modern slavery and take appropriate action if necessary.
  • Building Trustworthy Partnerships: Recruitment and Agency Workers Policy - We only partner with reputable employment agencies with a proven track record of ethical practices. We carefully assess any new agency before working with them.
  • Ensuring Ethical Sourcing: Due Diligence - We regularly evaluate existing suppliers and conduct thorough checks on potential new ones to maintain our commitment to ethical sourcing.

Continuous Improvement: Endorsement and Review

This policy is fully endorsed by our CEO, Richard Wilson, who is committed to keeping it up-to-date through annual reviews and updates.

This revised version shortens the text, uses stronger verbs, and streamlines the flow of information. It also removes unnecessary personal names and focuses on the key aspects of ClickRocket365's anti-slavery policy.

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